Creatively Display and Manage Your
Digital Collections


SimpleDL is a digital asset management and display platform

We enable librarians to affordably create beautiful viewing experiences for their patrons



For administrators and patrons alike, our interface was designed to be simple to navigate and easy to learn.


Our enhanced image and PDF viewer allows for smooth zooming and panning, providing for upclose and personal interactions with your digital images.


We support all file formats. From images, to videos, text documents to audio files, our system will deliver a unique and intuitive viewing experience.


As a hosted solution, our system requires no setup or hardware allocations. Rest assured that your files are secure and actively monitored.

Bulk Uploads

Our system provides you with the capability of loading and editing your files and metadata in bulk - saving you precious time with content ingestions and data corrections.


SimpleDL is built entirely on an API, allowing for at-will interface extensions and customizations. Feel free to tailor the look and feel to whatever suits you best.


With the constant change in technology, we deteremined to create a platform that was responsive and clean. We did just that. Browse away on all your gadgets and gizmos!


Our system is compatible with standard and qualified dublin-core metadata language standards and is discoverable through OAI, RSS, and a full API.


Share and Protect


per year

Up to 1000 files
or 10GB

Share and Protect


per year

Up to 2000 files
or 20GB

Share and Protect


per year

Up to 5000 files
or 50GB


“SimpleDL has given us the ideal platform to present our digital image gallery - beautiful display, easy-to-use interface on both the front-end and back-end, and great tech support.”

- Ellen Dubinsky Clement C. Maxwell Library