Creatively and Effectively Distribute your Digital Files

  1. Patron Engagement

    Great Intuitive Design.
    Full text searching and relevancy ranking.
    Related items.

  2. Finish Quickly

    Spend less time maintaining collections, and more time building them. Simple web based administration.

  3. No Delays

    No contracts required.
    For large or small projects,
    easily integrated into your
    site and workflow.

  4. Enterprise Digital Preservation

    Multiple copies of each digital file is stored and actively monitored for corruption and automatically repaired.

Why choose SimpleDL?

  • Sophisticated and user friendly patron interface
  • Easy, powerful, and simple to use system management
  • Enterprise digital asset management controls, preservation, and security
  • Discoverable through OAI, RSS, and a full API
  • User access control through IP Address and Username/Password
  • Scalable, flexible, and fully customizable
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"SimpleDL has given us the ideal platform to present our digital image gallery - beautiful display, easy-to-use interface on both the front- and back-end, and great tech support." — Ellen Dubinsky Clement C. Maxwell Library

""SimpleDL provided the solution to our digital image gallery challenge - it gave us a robust and vibrant showcase for a wide variety of digital formats. And we were up and running in a matter of days!"

Our Clients

SimpleDL serves the needs of clients across many different industries including:

  • University and Public libraries
  • Museums and Artists
  • Corporate & Legal Document Management
  • Digital Purchase and Distribution

See how SimpleDL is being used by our clients.