Example Sites

Want to see a SimpleDL site in action, here's a few sites.

World Anti-Doping Agency

Helping athletes and coaches to teach and stay drug free in sports, WADA uses SimpleDL to distribute their training materials.

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University of South Alabama

This site focuses on the preservation of photographs, manuscripts, and records that document, from the nineteenth century forward, Mobile, south Alabama, and the University of South Alabama. Using SimpleDL to share local history makes it easy for their patrons to learn about their great city and state.

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Mount St. Mary's College

Using SimpleDL Mount St. Mary's College shares historic photography and digitized publications with their students.

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Official SimpleDL Demo

The SimpleDL demo website shows the basics of what is possible. We will continue to expand the demo to show the full power of SimpleDL, but until then create your SimpleDL account and see for yourself what is possible.

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MyPublicLibrary - Henderson Libraries Virtual Branch

Another site focusing on local history, and using SimpleDL to keep the community connected to it's roots. This site is using a previous version of SimpleDL.

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